Sustainable Transportation
Research group (STRg)

Research Statement

Developing sustainable and liveable human habitations is critical for the sustainability of our fragile planet.  While the movement of people and goods, in other words, transportation, is imperative for development, much of the ills the planet is facing, ranging from environmental degradation, ecological imbalances to climate change are allegedly attributed to transportation.

The aim of our STRg group is to contribute significantly to efforts made at different levels to alleviate these challenges faced by the planet through our research in Sustainable Road Transportation. 

The focus of our research group is to carry out both basic and applied research in the following ten (10) strategic research areas: Smart Transportation, Sustainable Road Materials, Public Transport Systems, Road Safety Engineering, Transport Planning, Traffic Management, Pavement Modelling, Pavement Management Systems, Pavement Life Cycle Assessment and Integrated Transportation Systems. 

Through our research, we envisage to contribute new knowledge, innovative concepts and designs, develop products and artefacts and technology that will enable sustainable road transportation in Africa and at the Global level.